Broadcasted vs. Conventional vs. No-Till

There are 3 reasons to broadcast seed on a food plot:

  1. Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC uses an ATV seed broadcaster to broadcast a winter oats & peas mixture, with forage turnips, radish, and rape into existing standing beans. These are surface spread in early august and by late fall they are coming up through the beans, deer love this!!
  2. Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC uses this ATV broadcaster for spinning on very small seeds that need to be planted in the top 1/4" of the food plot seed bed, like clover, turnips, etc. We first do some tillage on the plot, then roll it, spread the seed, and roll the food plot again.
  3. This is our least favorite use of this piece of equipment, doing some tillage on the plot and then broadcasting seed  that needs to be planted around an 1" deep. I am referring to soybeans and corn, you end up with a very inconsistent seed depth. Your seed depth will be  anywhere between the surface to 2" deep. When planting using this method you generally have to plant 50% more seed. (this is costly) When conditions are very dry or very wet you will have very poor seed immersion, and end up with a poor thin weedy food plot.

Conventional Planting & Tillage:

Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC has all the needed tillage equipment to do conventional planting and tillage.   


Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC has a John Deere 7000 planter, this unit is equip with no till coulters and "yetter shark tooth trash whips" This planter is recommended when planting in an established food plot. It is used to plant sunflowers, soybeans, and corn in 30" rows. We also have a Great Plains No till drill equipped with clover seed box, oats box and native seed box. This drill has 7 1/2" spacing's and can plant everything but corn. As you can see in the pics of these planters both are equipped with in furrow and calcium spray bars. The advantages to the no-till are: 
  1. Conservation of moisture in the soil for those hot dry summers
  2. Lower cost of installing the food plot
  3. Better weed control
  4. With a short planting window some years, this could make the difference in getting your plot planted
  5. This method requires less cooperation with mother nature. 
  6. Increases organic matter.
  7. Improves soil tilth.

Our 8' Brillion Seeder

The simplicity of the Sure Stand Concept is still the best way to seed legumes, brassicas, switch grass and lawns efficiently. The larger front notched roller firms the seedbed and puts shallow indentations into the soil surface. The seed is metered from the seed boxes to free fall onto the deflectors. The deflectors spread the seed across the full width of the seeder for a broadcast style of seeding. The smaller rear roller, with its notches splitting the middle of the front indentations, squeezes the soil around the seed for the ultimate in seed to soil contact and consistent seed placement. That’s the Sure Stand Concept.

New Technology on our Planters for 2016:

Extreme Custom Food Plots has put in-furrow (places a small amount of liquid fertilizer with the seed in the row) fertilizer application technology on their planters along with the ability to spray liquid calcium behind the planter. 

Learn more about in-furrow Redline fertilizer  below.