What is Forestry Mulching?  

It is a spinning barrel with hardened carbide teeth that mulches and chews up trees and brush on site. It leaves a layer of mulch on the ground (organic material) which in time will become organic matter. The benefits of this type of land clearing is it minimizes erosion, and takes away the hassle of trucking, burning, and burying stumps and debris.

Pic below is after thinning out

Here are the services, but are not limited to what ESFP will offer

  • Food Plot Clearing 
  • Shooting Lanes for Hunters
  • Trails -Walking,Horse,ATV
  • Agricultural Fence line clearing
  • Lot Clearing 
  • New home construction
  • Roadside/Driveway mulching
  • General brush mulching
  • CRP (Invasive tree or brush ) removal
  • General Land Clearing- Residential or Commercial
  • Utility Work/ Powerline/ Pipe Line
  • Post MFL & FCL cleanup & selective species removal
  • Stump Removal

This service will turn your wooded property into the full potential you dreamed about !!... And then some !!

Please contact Scott at 920-255-6388 or scott@extremecustomfoodplots.com

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