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Real World Wildlife Maximizer Mineral:

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Real World’s “Maximizer” Deer Mineral:
Maximum Nutrition - Maximum Attraction – Maximum Herd Health – Maximum Results!
Real World Wildlife Products has taken the same approach that has been so successful with our food-plot seed blends and used it to develop the ultimate whitetail mineral product for the land manager that wants to manage his deer herd at the highest level. Maximizer mineral was developed over a period of more than 20 years of captive deer research. It not only provides your deer herd with the macro and micro nutrients they need to maximize antler and fawn production, but just as importantly, those nutrients are provided in the proper ratios for ultimate results.
Don’t be fooled by the numerous mineral products that are little more than salt with a few other items randomly added; Dare to Compare! Read the analysis of Real Worlds Maximizer Mineral and compare it to anything else on the market. You will then easily see the difference. Consider this – are those breeders who raise captive bucks that routinely grow unbelievably huge racks feeding their animals a rock that is over 90% salt or some “lucky” mix of this-n-that? NO! These folks know that their bucks need a much higher concentration of specific nutrients and much less salt to produce those giant antlers. Maximizer is used by captive deer breeders and has proven to grow GIANT bucks!
Includes an all-natural anti-parasitic compound to help keep your deer herd free of parasites and healthy!

Does your mineral product contain all of these ingredients?
Real World Maximizer Mineral does!
Calcium – Calcium is used in the formation and maintenance of bones, teeth and antlers. It also functions in transmission of nerve impulses and contraction of muscle tissue.
Phosphorus – Phosphorus works in conjunction with calcium in the formation of bones, teeth and antlers. Phosphorus is also involved in the chemical reactions of energy metabolism, reproduction, cell development, and the absorption of vitamin B and strengthens genetic material and DNA.
Magnesium - Magnesium is an activator of many metabolic enzymes. These enzymes control reactions include the breakdown of glucose for energy and the replication of DNA, which is necessary for cell division.
Potassium – Potassium is ubiquitous in the body of mammals because it is required in large amounts by most organ systems for normal functioning. It is necessary for normal cell maintenance, water metabolism, to regulate body temperature and for muscle growth
Sulfur – Sulfur is present in protein, certain vitamins (thiamin and biotin), enzymes and other compounds. Sulfur deficiency symptoms include decreased feed intake, unthrifty appearance, dullness of the hair coat and hair loss
Cobalt – Cobalt is required for synthesis of vitamin B12 by ruminal bacteria.
Copper – Copper is important for fertility and the immune system. Deficiency symptoms include anemia, loss of color in the haircoat, digestive upset and poor animal performance (growth, lactation and/or reproduction).   
Iodine – Iodine is essential for production of thyroxin, a hormone that regulates metabolic rate. A deficiency in iodine causes a condition called goiter, which is characterized by an enlarged thyroid gland. Other deficiency symptoms include weak or hairless animals, reduced reproductive performance and retained placentas.
Iron – Iron functions in oxidative enzyme systems involved in energy metabolism. It also enables the hemoglobin in red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues of the body.
Manganese – Manganese functions as a part of numerous enzyme systems and is used in the body for normal reproduction and fetal development.   
Chlorine - Chlorine maintains the volume, pH and osmolarity of body fluids. Chlorine is essential for hydrochloric acid production in the abomasum and for carbon dioxide transport.
Selenium – Selenium  is required for growth and to aid resistance to diseases, being involved in the production of antibodies and in the killing of micro-organisms engulfed by macrophages. 
Zinc – Enzymes for protein and carbohydrate metabolism require zinc. The immune system also requires zinc to function properly. Good for healthy hooves and skin
Riboflavin – Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin, helps the body to convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which is used to produce energy. 
Niacin – Also known as Vitamin B3, Niacin helps the nervous system function properly and is also useful in helping the body utilize fats and proteins. Niacin also assists in the synthesis of various hormones, primarily in the adrenal glands. It also helps to improve circulation.
Choline – Choline serves various functions and is important in the rapid development in fetuses and 
Thiamine – Also known as vitamin B1 is important for energy production, cardiovascular functions,   eye health, brain function, and the development of myelin sheaths which are the protective covering of the nerves. 
Pyridoxine – Is known as vitamin B6 and is required for the utilization of energy in foods, the production of red blood cells, and proper functioning of nerves.
Vitamin A – Vitamin A plays an important role in reproduction and sight. 
Vitamin D3 – This is important for the formation of bones and calcium. 
Vitamin E – This vitamin helps fight infections both topically and internally
Diatomaceous Earth – Diatomaceous earth is an all natural anti-parasitic that is often used on organic farms for parasite control in livestock
Salt - Salt is needed to provide sodium and chlorine requirements however in most deer mineral products it is used in too high percentage because it is cheap.

Most deer mineral products on the market WILL attract deer. The difference with Real World Maximizer Mineral is that it will also improve your deer herd’s health, antler growth and fawn production while also drawing them in for your trail camera. Why settle for JUST an attractant when you can improve antler growth, fawn production and herd health at the same time?

Real World Wildlife Maximizer Plus Mineral:

 Expect Healthy Deer Technology™

What is Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD)?

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) is a hemorrhagic disease caused by an infection of a virus affecting certain species of animals, especially deer, although it can also affect elk and cattle. Death losses in deer from EHD are very high and in localized outbreaks can wipe out a large percentage of a deer herd. The EHD virus is spread by small biting midge gnats and is commonly an issue in the late summer and early fall months.  Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease is sometime referred to as bluetongue; however this is incorrect.   Bluetongue virus is closely related to EHD in terms of being spread by biting midge gnats and has similar clinical signs, but they are technically different diseases.  Deer that have contracted EHD typically develop clinical signs as little as 7 days after initial exposure. In general, deer infected with EHD lose their appetite, lose their fear of people, grow weak, show excessive salivation, develop a rapid pulse, have a high respiration rate, show signs of fever which include laying in bodies of water to reduce their body temperature, become unconscious, and have a blue tongue from the lack of oxygen in the blood.   Additionally, the head and neck of infected deer may swell and they may bleed from the mouth and nostrils.  Outbreaks of EHD generally end with the first killing frost which kills the midge gnats that carry the virus and infect deer they come in contact with.

What is in Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ ?

Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ is a blend of all-natural ingredients from around the world with scientifically proven health and performance benefits. By combining these ingredients at the correct levels, Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ helps deer combat disease issues such as EHD in multiple ways.


What are the benefits of feeding Expect Healthy Deer Technology™?

Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ is much more than just a way to help combat EHD. There are numerous benefits which help to keep deer healthy and productive. Here are some of them –

* Enhances the immune system –This helps deer stay healthy from other disease and health risks.

*Optimizes digestion via improved rumen and gut health –This allows deer to better absorb and utilize nutrients ingested through feeding.

*Enhances antler growth –This happens through several ways. To start a healthier animal is a more productive animal. A buck that has an enhanced immune system and proper digestive health is better able to convert the nutrients it consumes into antler. Also the vasodilatation properties increase blood flow and thus nutrient delivery to growing antlers.

*Aids in reducing biting insects –Insects not only pose a variety of disease and health issues but they also cause an animal discomfort and make them less productive.

*Mitigates heat stress –The vasodilatation properties caused by the consumption of Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ helps an animal dissipate heat and remain more comfortable and thus productive.

*Promotes feed intake –Expect Healthy Deer Technology contains appetite stimulants to encourage an animal to consume more feed. With a well-tuned digestive system the animal is then able to covert those nutrients to body maintenance and growth, fawn production, milk for nursing fawns and antler growth.

*Improves reproductive performance –An animal with a well-tuned digestive system and immune system is better equipped to breed on time, have more fawns and better care for those fawns through increased milk supply. The resulting bigger and healthier fawns are then better positioned to survive and become larger, healthier and more productive adults.

Should Expect Healthy Deer Technology products be used year round?

While Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ was originally developed to help combat death losses in wild and captive deer due to epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), testing has shown a number of other performance benefits. Keep in mind that some of the ingredients in Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ are commonly used year-round in various livestock industries with scientifically proven benefits. When those ingredients are combined with the not-so-common other ingredients, there is a magnification of health and production benefits. These benefits do not stop once EHD season has passed.

Several captive deer farmers are now feeding Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ to their animals year round and seeing noticeable results. Keep in mind that captive deer are already getting scientifically developed diets that are much better than the diets of wild deer. If Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ can help captive deer, just imagine how much more impact it can have on wild deer.

What is the best way to get Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ into my deer?

A deer needs to consume enough Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ to have a real impact on that animal. With captive deer this is easily achieved but with free-ranging wild deer it becomes a bit more challenging. Real World Wildlife Products is marketing a number of products to help you get this important new discovery into your deer. We suggest that you utilize as many of these products as possible and make them readily available to your deer across your entire property. By having numerous mineral licks, feeding stations, etc., it increases the likelihood than an individual animal will regularly consume enough Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ for it to be noticeably effective.

Maximizer Plus Deer Mineral is a great way to give your deer the minerals and vitamins they need while also keeping them alive, healthy and productive.

Maximizer Plus Feed Additive is a concentrated product that is mixed with feed. A 20# bag treats one ton of feed. This is a great way for captive deer farmers and land managers alike to deliver Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ to their deer.

Maximizer Plus Liquid Attractant is a great way to attract deer to a game-camera site or tree stand location while also getting more Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ into a deer’s system.

MaximizerPlus “Soy Magnet ” is an attractant that contains Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ and draws in deer like a magnet. If you use an attractant you really need to try this product!

Real World honesty –

Let’s be completely honest, with the challenges presented by free-ranging wild deer it is going to be next to impossible to get every single animal to regularly consume enough of this product. However, what would it be worth if during an EHD outbreak you can save half of your deer that would have otherwise died? What if one of the deer you save is that mature buck that you have been watching grow up on your property for the last 5 years and have your sights set on tagging next fall?

While Real World Wildlife Products will always strive to bring the highest quality products to market, we will not use deception, lies, or false information to sell them. We fully believe that Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ can indeed help save deer from disease issues such as EHD and also provide other benefits as well. We also realize that the ultimate challenge is delivering this technology in adequate doses to wild deer on a consistent basis. To help address this important issue we have developed a full line of products that include Expect Healthy Deer Technology™. The more opportunities that a deer on your property has to consume these products, the better that individuals chances are of surviving a disease outbreak such as EHD. Ultimately you as the land-manager have to be dedicated, creative and diligent in your efforts to make it available to your deer herd.