Maximizer Plus “Soy-Magnet” Attractant


Maximizer-Plus “Soy Magnet” Attractant
Over the years Real World Wildlife Products has tested a lot of products, many of which never made it to market. In all those tests we never saw anything that impressed us the way Maximizer-Plus “Soy Magnet” did. In every single trial Soy Magnet drew in deer like …. well, like a magnet. It didn’t matter where the test took place or who was conducting it, the results were always the same. The deer devoured it even to the point of eating the vegetation Soy Magnet came in contact with and digging and licking the ground where it was placed. Everyone that tested Soy Magnet was soon asking for more and without exception said it was by far the best attractant they had ever used.

Soy Magnet is a nutrient rich product containing a minimum 42% protein and 5.5% fat. Like all Maximizer-Plus products, Soy Magnet contains Real Worlds exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ to keep your deer healthy and productive.

Soy Magnet can be used alone or mixed with corn at a rate of 50 pounds shelled corn and 15# Soy Magnet. When mixed at this ratio the resulting feed-attractant contains approximately 16% protein, which meets the whitetail deer’s protein requirement. Don’t be misled, while Soy Magnet does contain a soybean base it does NOT include soybean meal. Soy Magnet is unique and we challenge anyone to test it side-by-side with any other attractant. Dare to Compare!

Note – During the summer and early fall when the risk of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease and Blue Tongue are highest, we strongly recommend providing Expect Healthy Deer Technology® in as many forms as possible (mineral, feed, attractants, etc.). Clearly the biggest challenge, especially in wild deer, is getting high enough dosages of Expect Healthy Deer Technology® into every animal on a regular basis.

While we recognize that it will be impossible to save every deer from disease, we strongly believe that Expect Healthy Deer Technology® can cut death losses. This belief comes from years of successful trials with captive deer. What would it be worth if you could save even half of the deer on your property that otherwise would have died from a disease outbreak? What if one of the deer you save is that buck you have been watching mature for the last few seasons?