Don Higgins Seminars February 5th 2022(E4568 Pheasant Rd ALGOMA WI 54201) Limit 100

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Don Higgins, owner of Higgins Outdoors, and Co-owner of Real World Wildlife Products will be at Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC Saturday February 5, 2022. There will be 2 seminars one  will start @ 10 am & 1 PM (LIMIT 100) at each seminar.  You are required to purchase a $50 seminar voucher above to attend. In return for the voucher, you will be given a $75 seed credit for attending the seminar, which, can be used to purchase Real World Products the day of the seminar. All seed orders above $75 will receive a 10% discount. We will also be offering Redneck Blind Discounts, and special pricing on clearing and planting. Seminar Location Extreme Custom Food Plots, LLC E4568 Pheasant Rd Algoma, WI 54201 (920) 255-6388 or email

                            Don Will Have all 3 200+ inch Deer At Seminar For Viewing