Maximizer Plus Feed Supplement


Maximizer Plus “Feed Supplement”

This high-protein, high-fat pelleted feed supplement contains Real Worlds exclusive Expect Healthy Deer Technology® to help your deer stay healthy and productive. This game-changing technology was developed by professional livestock nutritionists and has real science and years of testing behind it. 

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This feed supplement can be mixed with a complete feed or used as a top-dress. Mix Maximizer-Plus feed supplement at the rate of 100# of supplement in each ton of feed or top-dressed at a rate of 2.5# of supplement for every 50# of feed. The high protein content of this supplement allows you to replace some of the other protein source in your complete feed.

Note – These recommended feeding instructions are for captive deer whose diet is limited to the feed provided. When feeding to wild deer it is recommended to double the amount of Maximizer-Plus feed supplement used to account for wild deer getting a significant portion of their diet from other sources. For example, 200# supplement per ton of complete feed or 5# supplement per 50# of feed.